NICA-sanctioned races provide student athletes an arena in which to set and accomplish competitive goals and to achieve their personal best. We have a 5-race season, held in the Spring of each year.  Professional race promotion, timing, course preparation and risk management guarantee every participating student athlete is given a fun and fast environment.


Before you plan to attend one of our races, check out a few of the helpful links below:


2016 Category Placement Chart

NICA Quick Start Guide to Attending Interscholastic Mountain Biking (PDF)

NICA RuleBook (PDF)

Pre-Race Checklist (PDF)


RACE #1 - The T-Town Throw Down  

March 5, 2017 

Munny Sokol Park, Tuscaloosa 


Munny Sokol Park in Tuscaloosa was host to our inaugural season State Championship race in May.  This season we are going back as the season opener.   

For this race you’ll want to bring your “A” game and a full arsenal of skills and fitness.  It’s going to be the most well rounded rider that takes home the hardware on this course. 
Riders will start with a fun section of uphill switchbacks before a long wide open section through the field.  Then, think ‘skinny’ as you weave through the notoriously tight, narrow and twisty single track that Sokol park is known for.  To keep the fun factor high, we’ve  added in some roller coaster up/downs, tight downhill switchbacks and one gnarly/steep (but very short) uphill that you’ll want to be in the right gear for.  You’ll hear the crowds cheering from almost a ¼ mile away as you make your way off the single track and back to toward the finish line. 


RACE #2 - The Crank Down in Tiger Town

March 19, 2017 

Chewacla State Park, Auburn 


Chewacla State Park is becoming one of the ‘must visit’ state parks in Alabama if you like hitting the trails on knobby tires. The course at this park will use a combination of tight and twisty single track and wide dirt roads to test the racers fitness and bike handling skills. The seemingly flat course is deceiving as the constant up/down results in a similar elevation gain to the season opener at Tannehill. In addition, these trails offer a lot more ‘texture’ with roots, rocks and tight turns that require strong bike skills as well as a powerful set of legs. Spectators bring your noise makers, because as the trail meanders through the woods, there are several opportunities to see the race unfolding from your seats in the infield area.


RACE #3 - The Space Race  

April 9, 2017

US Space and Rocket Center, Huntsville 


Returning to one of the most iconic mountain bike races venues in the world, the US Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville will host race #3 in early April.  This is certain to be one of the most epic and memorable NICA venues anywhere in the country.  An equal share of single track and double track await our races as well as a once in a lifetime opportunity to race under the belly of the space shuttle and right down the center of "rocket alley".  

In addition to the epic course, the US Space and Rocket Center is putting together packages to make this an all inclusive weekend of mountain bikes racing and space exploration.  This weekend should be a top priority for all league racers and families.  


RACE #4 - The Rumble on the Ridge

April 30, 2017 

Oak Mountain State Park, Pelham 

Known by many as the ‘birthplace’ of mountain biking here in the state, Oak Mountain State Park is a great venue for Race #4 of the Alabama League series. The trails here at this park once held the IMBA ‘EPIC’ status and feature miles of high quality single track. This course will start with a long section along Peavine Falls road which will allow racers ample time to sort out before they dive onto the ‘Mr. Toads’ trail and return back to the infield. After coming off this trail, riders will make a hard left for another short section of road before linking together the ‘Family Trail’, ‘Rattlesnake Ridge’ and ‘Lake Trail’ to complete a 4.86 mile lap. When heading out for
subsequent laps, racers will bypass the first section of road and the ‘Mr. Toads’ trail and continue straight to the ‘Family Trail’. This cuts out approximately 1 mile from the first lap overall distance resulting in a lap of just under 4 miles for all categories that will be completing multiple laps.


RACE #5 - The Feud at the Furnace : State Championships

May 7, 2017

Tannehill State Historic Park, McCalla 


In 2017 we are taking the State Championship race to where we opened our first two seasons, Tannehill State Historic Park in McCalla.  The return to this venue is certain to bring back a lot of memories and excitement for racers and spectators alike.

The trails here are a blend of flowing singletrack and wide doubletrack.  The primary challenge facing all racers is “the hill” taking them from the Start/Finish area up to the top of the ridge and onto the single track trails.  After ascending the climb along a wide dirt road, racers will dive into a long section of fast, flowing single track with a few steep but short climbs.  There are some fast descents with sharps turns where racers will need to avoid losing traction or end up in the pine straw.  Once exiting the single track through a shallow water crossing, it’s a long, flat sprint of just over a mile back to the infield where hundreds of teammates, coaches, parents and spectators will be awaiting to cheer each and every racer coming back through for their finish or to head out for multiple laps.  

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