The financial model for AL League is as follows: (35% participation fees, 10% fundraisers, 15% grants, 5% individual donors, 35% sponsors). High school and middle school mountain biking programs do not receive any tax-based income and not being a stadium based sport, the league does not benefit from the added revenue that often accompanies sports those traditional sports. Alabama league fundraisers and fees are needed to generate reliable revenue to cover the annual costs of delivering consistent quality programs.  Our league strives to keep fees affordable in order to make this program available to anyone who wants to join in the fun.  

In addition to covering operating expenses, leagues raise funds in order to provide scholarships for those student-athletes and coaches who in need of financial assistance. 



High School/Combined High School and Middle School Team = $150
Middle School Only Team = $150

Team registration fees covers the insurance for the entire season of practices, team events and races. The fee also helps offset the cost of ongoing team development and support, coaches’ newsletters and team trophies. In addition to liability and supplemental health insurance for all registered coaches, volunteers and student athletes, NICA teams enjoy a number of great benefits, including discounted product from NICA and League sponsors. We are continually working to add additional benefits, so check out the Coach and Student benefits page for the current list of benefits available.

NOTE: Teams that do not have licensed ride leaders or coaches that attended the Alabama Leaders’ Summit must pay a High School Team registration fee of $250, and/or $200 for Middle School Team registration.


NICA Mandatory Background Check = $25

Annual Coach License Fee = $0

The annual coaches license fee offsets the cost of developing and administering the NICA Coaches License Program. NICA offers a number of benefits to coaches who have obtained a valid NICA Coaches License. NICA offers liability and supplemental health insurance for coaches (see the NICA Insurance Overview document for details). NICA also works with our sponsors to provide generous discounts to coaches. Obtaining a higher level coaches license will grant access to additional benefits. Contact the Alabama League Director or the NICA Coach Licensing Manager for details on NICA/AL Coaches License Benefits.

NOTE: Depending what coach license level you are working toward, there are additional costs to consider for league Leaders' Summits, First Aid Training, etc.   


 High School Annual League Registration Fee = $175

Middle School Annual League Registration  Fee = $175

The annual license fee goes directly to the Alabama league and covers the year round work of producing well organized camps, races, coaches trainings, newsletters as well as supporting coaches. A portion goes to NICA to cover their support services, such as web, graphical and registration/scoring services, annual policy development and director's training In addition to high quality high school mountain bike programs, league student-athletes gain access to a number of benefits with their annual League membership. NICA provides insurance coverage for each rider when they are participating in approved activities, including supplemental health coverage up to $25,000 (see the NICA Insurance Overview document for details). Student-athletes also have access to a number of discounts from NICA and Alabama League sponsors.


 High School Race Series Fee = $100

Middle School Race Series Fee = $80

Race fees cover the direct costs of producing high quality events, including equipment, staffing, rentals, travel/lodging, insurance, venue permits/usage fees, etc.

Racers are also awarded medals, leaders' jerseys and state championship jerseys which race entry fees offset the cost of.   


In addition to the cost of equipment (bikes, helmets, shoes, etc.) to participate, some teams choose to have annual dues to help cover expenses such as uniforms, travel, food, coach stipends, etc.  Please talk to the head coach of your team to determine if there are any additional costs to consider.

Most teams will solicit sponsors and hold team fundraisers to offset some of the team costs, but this is specific to each team.  


The Alabama League has a limited amount of financial aid it can offer to students and coaches. For more information on scholarships and grants contact the league director, Eddie Freyer:   


Direct cost comparisons are difficult to make due to the variances between different types of youth sports.  However the misconception that this program is significanty more expensive than other your sports is not true.  Below are some sample comparisons with the annual cost to participate in the Alabama Interscholastic Cycling League and other sports.


What it Costs:

Equipment: $500–$1500

Team Dues: $0–$250

League Fees: $190–$275

Camps: $0–$125

Travel: $50–$175 per race

How Much Time: 9-12 hrs/week


Total Cost: $740–$2325


What it Costs:

Equipment: $150–$450

Team Dues: $25–$150

League Fees: $50–$150

Clinics: $200–$600

Travel: $10–$100 per week

How Much Time: 3-12 hrs/week


Total Cost: $435-$2500


What it Costs:

Equipment: $85–$265

Team Dues: $50-$400

League Fees: $50–$150

Clinics: $0-$600

Travel: $50–$250 per week

How Much Time: 6-16 hrs/week


Total Cost: $1135-$2015


What it Costs:

Equipment: $200–$395

Team Dues: $50-$150

League Fees: $50–$150

Clinics: $100-$400

Travel: $60–$210 per month

How Much Time: 2-8 hrs/week


Total Cost: $500-$1575

It's important to take into consideration that this sport is not limited to just the season of practicing and racing with the league.  An investment in the sport of mountain biking will pay dividends forever as 95% of all NICA student athletes report that they will be involved with the sport of cycling for the rest of their lives. In addition, this is an activity that families will be able to do together all year long.