Thanks so much for taking the time to consider becoming a partner with the Alabama Interscholastic Cycling League.  With the official launch of this league here in Alabama, we have begun changing the future of interscholastic sports and improving the lives of countless kids right here, at home, in our state.

As a league sponsor I can assure you that your sponsorship dollars will be used effectively to put together what will be the most impressive program of its kind.  We have big plans for this league including:

  • Developing coaches/teams

  • Holding camps and clinics

  • State-wide media and press announcements

  • Marketing of the league

  • Leader’s summit for coaches/leaders certifications

  • First Aid training courses

  • Scholarship funds

  • Loaner bike programs

  • A season of 5 races

  • Regional Championships with adjoining state leagues

Your decision to become a sponsor will be critical to the success of this league and will provide a lasting impact on the families, the kids and the improvement of the health and well-being of the state we call home.


A NICA league truly is a youth development program in which we use the sport of mountain biking to strengthen mind, body and character of the kids who participate.  But it doesn’t end there.  Through the league we are creating an entirely new generation of lifelong cyclist, healthy and confident people while introducing the great sport of cycling to countless kids who otherwise may have no exposure to the sport. 


Following is a comprehensive page detailing the great opportunity before you to become a league sponsor. A sponsorship of this Alabama League will have a dual impact to your bottom line.  Not only will your sponsorship support the development of strong minds, strong bodies and strong characters with the youth of our state, but you will also have a unique opportunity to connect, communicate, build awareness and cultivate brand loyalty with an ever increasing group of league participants and supporters.    


The opportunity is now, and I look forward to working together on this great partnership! 


Please click HERE to download a copy of our 2016 sponsorship proposal.  In order to maximize the benefit for all our sponsors we offer a limited number of sponsorships at each level.  So don't delay and contact me today to lock in for one of the most amazing sponsorship opportunities you'll ever be a part of.   


Eddie Freyer, League Director

Alabama Interscholastic Cycling League

NICA Project League



For a downloadable version of the full 2016 Partnership Presentation, click HERE



For a downloadable 4-page copy of our 2016 Partnership Proposal, click HERE



For a downloadable version of our Sponsor Benefits Grid, click HERE

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