The Alabama League is run by a group of dedicated and passionate people who believe in the positive impact cycling can make on high school and middle school students across the state.  Many of the staff members don't have children involved in the league but have made the choice to set aside much time and energy throughout the season to make sure our events are safe and enjoyable for everyone involved.  


Take a minute to meet the team and don't forget to stop by and say thanks at one of our events.

Adam is a man of many talents and responsibilities. Adam was previously the Operations Manager for the first two season, where he made sure all race-day logistics are taken care of and in his spare time he acted as Team Director for 2 league teams, coached his Varsity daughter, and was the liaison between Alabama coaches and the NICA national organization.  2017 Race season, Adam was asked to step into the Race Director role. Adam started as most mountain bikers do — riding trails on the weekends with friends.

As the passion and experience grew, he stepped into racing. Most of the highlights to mountain bike racing have not always been about winning, but the friends and experiences from them. Adam has raced for 11 years, and is now looking forward to volunteering his time with youth, sharing his experiences, and having fun riding. Adam is committed to making the Alabama League the best NICA League.



Dustin started racing triathlons and dualthlons in 2005 and then joined Appalachian State University Cycling team in 2007 where he raced mountain, cyclocross, and road. "I'm super stoked to be a part of this league because I really want to see more kids on bikes. When we can reach kids earlier in life we can teach proper bike safety and the health benefits of riding bikes."
When he's not riding he works as the Research Manager for the UAB/Lakeshore Research Collaborative. The Collaborative seeks to improve the quality of life of individuals with physically disabling conditions through comprehensive rehabilitation and sport science research.
Dustin says the energy that was felt from the athletes at the start of the races last season was amazing and is one of the things that is going to keep him coming back to help.  

Being a part of this league has really pushed him bike safely as he now see himself as a role model to everyone on bikes.


Mike loves active outdoor adventures. While in college in Illinois he developed rock climbing abilities, and moved to Alabama in 2005 with one mountain bike.  A 1990’s Giant Iguana that he purchased with money earned as a newspaper delivery boy when he was young.  In a truly  serendipitous fashion, he would become housemates in Auburn, AL with a former NORBA women’s pro mountain bike racer.  In the most humble and inviting way, she became the catalyst for Mike’s introduction into the world of mountain biking.  As his skills and experience grew, he would eventually race mountain, road, track, and cyclocross events. His appreciation for trail resources lead to becoming an active trail volunteer with BUMP. With a natural tendency for teaching others, he became a certified IMBA ICP Level 2 skills coach in the summer of 2013.  Working as a member of core race staff was practically a foregone conclusion - as Mike finds much happiness and reward in the smiles of the student-athlete racers who share in the joy of mountain biking. 




Kevin - NICA Profile pic.png

Kevin first started mountain biking in northern California in 1986 and has been a lifelong cyclist every since. During the Alabama Interscholastic Cycling League’s inaugural season (2014/2015), NICA provided Kevin and his son the opportunity to strengthen their bond and share experiences that forever changed their lives and relationship. Kevin enjoys being able to give back to our sport and the opportunity to impact the lives of kids and their families. He brings a diverse background, both in and out of cycling, to help support our League.


Erin has enjoyed athletics her whole life.  These days, more often than not, you can find her on the trails.  Whether it’s trail running or mountain biking, she’s sure to have a smile on her face.  From a young age coaching kids has also been a passion of hers.  She starting swim coaching at age 14, and since then coached swim teams all over the country.  Her love for mountain biking was truly discovered while her family lived in New Hampshire in 2015.  Riding trails at the Kingdom Trails in Burke, VT opened up a world of adventure and fitness that her whole family could enjoy together.  Then NICA opened up a new arena for her to use her coaching and leadership skills to help others.  This year Erin is excited to work with NICA on launching their GRiT program in Alabama.


Walt started riding MTB’s in 1998 when his wife Rhonda asked out me out on a date, in the dirt. I have been hooked on cycling ever since. In the past I was heavily involved with IMBA’s TCC’s working with the Oklahoma State Parks designing, rehabbing, building, and maintaining trail systems. In addition, I raced anything from Crits on the road to 24hr solo MTB races. NICA did break me out of a road cycling-only phase I was in for few years and has inspired me to start racing both road and mountain bikes again.  This will be my 6th year as the head coach for Hewitt-Trussville.

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Mike has enjoyed cycling, backpacking, paddling, climbing and other outdoor adventures his whole life.  Working with youth, through Scouting, NICA, and other organizations has been his passion for over 30 years.  He learned to mountain bike on a ‘93 Specialized Hard Rock with a ridged fork.  Mike’s also been known to teach a first aid class or two.


Matt Mitchell, aka Casio, is not afraid to grab a hot mic.  With years of radio experience, improv training and miles on the road as a stand-up comedian, his love for sports finally intersected with his gift of gab.  His PA announcing has spanned from High School football, to Arena football, then 5 season for the minor league baseball club Huntsville Stars. Then UAH collegiate Hockey, and now the minor league hockey club Huntsville Havoc.

"As I enter my second year with us Alabama Interscholastic Cycling League, I am honored to be involved with this organization from the beginning, excited by the incredible growth I've seen already, not only in the organization itself, but also in the kids, parents and coaches who are involved as well, and I look forward to being a part of its growth as long as ya'll will let me! Now I've got to quite talking...I'm hungry." -- Casio



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