The Alabama League is a volunteer run organization.  Countless adults volunteer hundreds of hours to make this program available for the student athletes across the state.  Volunteers get back as much as they give by through the gratify work of helping to change lives in a positive way.  


We have a wide range of volunteer opportunities for everyone.  Please check out the information below and consider helping out for the upcoming season.   

League Coaches, Assistant Coaches and Ride Leaders are the backbone of this program. Each coaching level has different requirements, but the league offers all the training necessary to become an effective and safe adult leader.  For more information on how to get involved as a volunteer with one of the teams, click below:


Coaching 411 Page

The League is run year round by a handful of dedicated volunteers.  If you have the time and interest in being a part of the league staff check out the list of available positions and send us an email.  





League Staff Positions

Did you know that it takes 65-75 volunteers each race weekend to make one of our events happen?  Our dedication to safety and providing a fun, exciting atmosphere requires a lot of help.  Trust us when we say you'll walk away with a smile on your face that will last all week.  Click below to see a list of what positions we need help with our race weekends:

Race Weekend Volunteer Positions